Chickens part duex

So, to catch everyone up. I’m divorced, my precious Squish passed away last Wednesday, I co-founded and co-run Roux’s Crew Animal Rescue in honor of the Blue Heeler Roux who passed away earlier this year, I still have my Nerms, Missy, Betsy and Morgan.

I am still employed by the same company I’ve been with for 10 years.

I interviewed with our NOC position last Monday, it went pretty well but I don’t believe I’m 100 percent in.

I live in constant pain. I can barely move and function, but I do my best for the people.

I also now raise chickens. Fresh eggs daily. Seriously, it’s amazing. I’ll go more in depth about the chickens later.

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So, I have chickens.

I have eggs.

They’re delicious.


I’ll post more detail later today about my chickens and farming adventures.

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I think I shall start using this site a bit more soon. Keep a watchful eye, unless you’re the illuminati, then I support your cause. NWO 4lyfe.

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hi part 2

Been nearly a year sinceI last posted here.

Added a tumblr widget.

Updated WP, using new 2014 theme.

Things to change soon as I get back in the game.

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I’m back. Corrupted database, wiped everything, everything prior to Now was lost, whatever, no one cares any way.

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