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Know Nothing

“We are less ready to admit that we may possibly labour under the same delusion. We likewise assume we live in a totally discovered and known planet, mapped by Google and satellite; but my experiences in Peru and elsewhere suggest that this is far from true. There are still large stretches of wilderness in the world about which we know very little. We choose to take certain, familiar paths through it. Just because we can cross the ocean—to use a metaphor peculiarly appropriate for Verne—does not mean we know everything that lies underneath, whether 20,000 leagues or along the Mariana Trench.”

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I need to

Actually do something with this site.

Overhaul coming soon.

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If Facebook needs this

For verification

I am James Washington

I have had this domain, and the handle Tsali for many many moons. I own @tsali on Twitter and @tsali on Instagram.

I am the real Tsali.

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“But I’m native!”

So, just because you’re fucking native by blood at 1/216th, you think it’s cool for you to dress yourself and your children in “Indian Princess and Warrior” costumes for Halloween? No, it’s not cool. Not a damn thing about doing that is cool.

You know what is cool? Being human and wearing appropriate attire for Halloween.

Are you going to dress your kid up as Kali because your wifes uncle married into a Patel family? That’s about as close as you are to being Native.

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