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New regular content soon

I’ll start using this site regularly soon. A few changes to make to separate the person from the entity. Details to follow soon in the About page.

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I updated

Woo, look at me, I updated my site to a more relevant theme. I also apparently only post in Septembers.

Updated the Live page with a Meerkat livestream, and my twitch stream. Created a google sheets page that lists my gaming owning quest.

That’s it tonight, goodbye.

PS, wake me up, when September ends, I really need a nap with how much I’ve been working lately.

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It’s no longer winter

I should totally change the theme to something more appropriate.

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hi part 2

Been nearly a year sinceI last posted here.

Added a tumblr widget.

Updated WP, using new 2014 theme.

Things to change soon as I get back in the game.

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