My scientific Thesis on Hammers to the Face

Hammers to the face.

Dependent upon the force exerted on the hammer as it touches the face, it may do damage anywhere from none at all, to a complete fracture of the face bones.

Example 1.a

A gentle tap.

A gentle tap will merely cause discomfort, it will not do any damage, unless you have Samuel L. Jackson Glass Bones disease.

Image 1.a-a

gently tap

Image 1.a-b

Keep tapping gently

Example 1.b

A hard and fast swing.

A hard and fast swing, given accurate aiming, will result in broken and/or fractured bones in the face.

Image 1.b-a

Fast Hammer

Image 1.b-b

Thus my conclusion is, swinging hammers towards the face is a terrible past time and one should not commit to doing it.

~ Dr. James Washington
Reverend Universal Life Church

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