Anything you read on tsali.net and from the social media accounts of any persona listed should be considered a work of fiction. Only a fool would take it seriously.

There is Tsali the Persona and then there is James Washington the man, they are to be considered two separate entities.

DOB: 4/23

Sign: Cock and Bull

About the author(s):

James helps in the raising of The Washington Redhens, several Cats and Dogs, and helps with the animal rescue group Rouxs Crew.

James can be found in some places at times, but not often.

James is Eastern Band Cherokee Indian.

When James isn’t at work, he spends his time at home tending to the needs of his Chickens who lay some of the most beautiful eggs you’ll ever see, and helping the Roux’s Crew Rescue with their dog and cat needs. He has a lady friend who is pretty awesome too. He strives to be the very best like no one ever was. Overall, James is a pretty okay guy.

Tsali. He has been jacked in to the Internet since the mid-80’s, and may just be the most awesome person you’ve ever known.

Tsali can be a dick, opinionated, and is always right. Unless he’s wrong, which is never.

Tsali is anti-everything, ANARCHY! ALL THE THINGS!