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“But I’m native!”

So, just because you’re fucking native by blood at 1/216th, you think it’s cool for you to dress yourself and your children in “Indian Princess and Warrior” costumes for Halloween? No, it’s not cool. Not a damn thing about doing that is cool.

You know what is cool? Being human and wearing appropriate attire for Halloween.

Are you going to dress your kid up as Kali because your wifes uncle married into a Patel family? That’s about as close as you are to being Native.

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Seasonally Appropriate Theme Enacted

Wintery and Christmassey themes go!

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Columbus Day

Columbus Day.

Why does anyone celebrate this still?

The kind of person who honors the murderous, genocidal, racist bastard that was Christopher Columbus, is the same kind of person who, if living in a Jewish community, would be a Neo-Nazi celebrating Hitlers birthday.

That is what Columbus means to a native inhabitant of this great nation of Turtle Island.


Listen you incompetent piece of shit. Fuck. You. You heard me, fuck you up the God damned goat ass. Your little sales promoting a new mattress with a savings of 25% does not near equate the suffering, murder, rape, genocide of a nation. Come back here, when your 10 year old daughter was raped by a 45 year old man and then sold to the highest bidder when you were done. Come back here when your entire family was dying from a simple disease that have never appeared in the “New World,” because the Spainards, fuck, the white man as a whole, was a disease ridden lustful sinner of a fucktroupe.

How does your stupid ass little 25% off a mattress, that’s probably coated in bed bugs and polio, absolve you of the sins of your fathers? It doesn’t.

Abolish Columbus Day, remove his statues, else I’ll be calling for the creation of “Mao Day” and “Hitler Day” to be celebrated in this United States of Hellmerica.

Lastly, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and most importantly, fuck. you.

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I also apparently

Did wake up when September ended.

Who would’ve thunk?

So there’s two people, Tsali the persona, and James the person, they are separate. They should never be considered the same person when speaking. This site will primarily be written by Tsali going forward until if/when I decide to kill the persona.

Anything I discuss should be considered a work of fiction, however in the rare event that a post shows it is written by James and posted across the top bar in the Site News category, it may be important.

Unless it’s farming and chicken related, that’ll show in the Farming tab. However I may move that all over eventually to the Washington Red Hens page only, time will tell.

This post for example was written by James and is showing in the Site New tab across the top bar.

This will be my final post for a while I suspect as the persona Tsali takes over going forward.

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